HT Panels

We manufacture high quality H.T panels, which are highly durable and efficient due to the best quality raw materials used in manufacturing them. Our HT power panels are designed using Vacuum Circuit Breakers and Oil Circuit Breakers with all safety features like Over-Current, Earth Faults and Transformer Protections. The systems are designed to isolate different parts of the plant during faults without damaging the switch gears. HT panels are designed to handle required power using Air Circuit Breakers, MCCBs and MCBs to feed different loads.

Attributes :

• Controls the timing of electric appliances
• Earth fault protection
• Transformer protection
• Designed to isolate different parts of the plant during faults
• To handle required power using to feed different loads
• Highly durable
• Corrosion resistant

Applications :

• Power looms
• Industries
• Steel plants

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